Botamedi KR announces Mannas™ ‘Hydro-Network’ technology

22 March 2019

([22] March 2019 – Hong Kong) Botamedi, a seasoned corporation in the biological research industry, is targeting the food industry with the new introduction of Mannas™ and its patented ‘Hydro-Network’ technology, which is good news for the masses who want to enjoy good food but are also concerned about health issues.

Mannas™ is a food additive that helps to control blood glucose and cholesterol, while also enhancing the flavor, texture and preservation of cooked food. These properties come from its ‘Hydro-Network’ technology, which based on the core ingredient, Marine Oligomers of Phloroglucinol (MOP).

MOP is a natural extract from brown seaweed called Ecklonia cava, found in the deep seas of South ​​Korea. It has a highly advanced polyphenolic biochemical structure and is more potent than any other edible polyphenols. The key is MOP’s ability to rearrange water molecules inside food to form a structured ‘Hydro-Network’, strengthening the bonds between other food molecules and locking in water to prevent dehydration. This provides enhanced texture, flavor and prolonged shelf life of food while minimizing unpleasant odors such as the smell of fish.

Mannas™ further activates our taste buds to enhance our sensation of sweet and salty tastes, so that we can enjoy strong flavors with lower amounts of salt and sugar in food. What’s more, MOP in Mannas™ is a multi-potent molecule that gives various benefits to the human body.

First, it is a super-antioxidant that is 230 times more powerful than vitamin E, eliminating free radicals from our body to reduce risk of chronic diseases, cancer and metabolic syndrome. MOP also has enzymatic properties that slow down the absorption of fat, cholesterol and sugar after digestion, which allows control of high blood cholesterol, high blood glucose, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and obesity. MOP (recognized internationally as Seanol® or Seapolynol®) has been certified by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the EU European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), and the Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS).

Mannas™ Hydro-Network can be applied to various foods in liquid or powder form to not only reduce absorption of fats, salts and sugars, but also to enhance taste and preservation. This technology can re-establish a new definition of healthy eating by reducing the risk of chronic diseases from our diets.

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